Dreams are made possible if you try….. _Terry Fox

I have been trying to find blog post inspiration this week.  It has been elusive like white billed woodpeckers or a copy of Flash #1.  I made a promise on Monday that I would post on Wednesdays and Fridays but it didn’t happen.  I am not one to write a lot, it is my weakness.  The writing part and the communication part.  I speak in idioms,  I make connections to lots of different things  and comparisons that sometimes (ok a lot of the times) are very particular and are wide ranging.  So three things happened today that got me thinking about this.

1.  I was listening to music on my device today and heard a line from the  Stars Song Hold on When you get Love and Let Go When You Give It. (See what did i tell you about wide ranging thoughts?)

“Take the weakest thing in you and beat them with it (I am paraphrasing due to language)”

Which I thought to mean that you should take the thing you think is your weakness and turn it into a strength.  I thought that was interesting, what is my weakest thing?

Communication is my weakest link, being able to say or write or talk about the ideas in my head.  I don’t have trouble talking in front of other people, being the front man, as long as I have a lot of critical help in the message I am going to deliver,  the delivery is easy, its the crafting of the message that is hard.  So, am I doing all I can to improve my communication abilities?  Where do I start?  How much time do I devote to making my self a better communicator?

I think I could be better

2.  I listened to this Ted talk after hearing David Brooks on the CBC today.  It is all about where are we putting our energy, into our Resume or into our Eulogy.  Now, I know that is a bit of a dark statement talking about a Eulogy in an education blog but what David Booth is trying to get at is; where should we be devoting our energy? To our Resume, the things that make us more desirable as workers, and educators or to our Eulogy, those things that people say about us after we are gone,  the projects that need more than one lifetime to finish?  What am I doing, in a small way, to change things for the better and help as many as possible kids and adults.  How am I serving the greater good?

3. Terry Fox started his run today. April 12, 1980.  I was 11. There were only a handful at the start when he dipped his leg in the Atlantic ocean.  He wanted to raise one dollar from every Canadian for his Marathon of Hope, 25 million dollars in 1980.  An auspicious goal, one that would prove to take more than one lifetime.  To date he has raised over 650 million dollars for cancer research, and it hasn’t stopped.

I think I need to come up with a better plan, for me and the people around me if I am going to make more of a difference than I all ready am.  I do good work, I think, but I guess I am trying to say that maybe I need to up my game a little.  Im not going to write here about what I am going to do differently.  This was just a post to get the ball rolling.  It has been a long time coming this feeling of motivation to change something that will be hard to change.  And how am I going to use my skills new and old to make the world a better place.

Are you working on your Resume or your Eulogy?  Let me know,  leave a post, or a comment.   A little heavy for a Sunday night but what can you do.

See you tomorrow.


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