“Daylight was coming outside, but it was not only that: courage cast its own light.” ― Guy Gavriel Kay, The Summer Tree

Today was the first day of a new year in Grade Three for me and my new class.  There has always been something about the first day of school that make it great.  Seeing old friends, making new ones, the smell of pencil shavings or old crayons, and mixing a little fun while learning.  It is one of the best times of the school year.

We started on our learning journey today.  We talked about our first habit, from Stephen R. Coveys book  The Seven Habits of Happy Kids.  The first habit is to be proactive.  You are responsible for your actions and your moods. If you are bored then you have the responsibility to find something to do.  

We also read a great book by Roy McGregor called The Highest Number in the World all about changing your mood and seeing the positive when you don’t get exactly what you want.

I find after these kinds of book reads, heavy thinking and big messages, that we need to move our bodies around as much as our heads, so we got our muscles moving and then sat down to talk aloud about what the two books meant for us at school.  Our Partner conversations were good and the ideas about how to work in class proved much better than setting out class rules.  A good example followed by some good paired and group discussion seemed to work on the first day.

We started the Daily Five with Read to self, attempting to read for a full 20 minutes silently without any interruption, this is hard but we will get there, we will persevere.

We also started with the Daily Three in math with Math by myself, where the Manipulative bins are, and how to use them properly.  We finished the day by reading one of my favourite books called Frindle by Andrew Clements. 

The end of the day was really rainy and soggy wet.  Hopefully everyone will be dried out by tomorrow.

I am starting to think about my Wonder question and what I am going to be doing in my classroom to change my practice for the better.  Tune in this week to find out.  (I think I am going to continue looking at active discussion as a beginning to any writing we do in class, but this may change)






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